Water, Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration FAQs

In Winston-Salem, Restoration 1 should be your top choice for restoration services. When a fire, smoke, water or mold emergency strikes, we’re here to help you inspect, clean up, and restore your property back to normal. Let’s take a look at some commonly asked questions concerning our restoration services.

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration FAQs

First, call 911 immediately! Your safety is our top priority. After the fire is extinguished, you’ll need an expert to assess the damage. Give us a call so we can evaluate the situation and begin the restoration process. Smoke and fumes left by a fire can be carcinogenic, so it’s important you let us be the first to survey the damage.

Depending on the severity of the fire, the cleanup could take from just a few hours to several weeks. A few factors come into play, including the size of the property and the number of furnishings inside. After we assess the damage, we can give you an accurate estimate of the cleanup time. We make it a point to provide quick service so you can get back to your daily life.

For your safety, it’s a better idea to contact Restoration 1 first. We will inspect and perform an extensive evaluation of the damage. Because a fire can compromise the structural integrity of a building, entering your property right away may pose a safety issue. There could also be dangerous fumes present.

We always urge our customers to let us handle the cleanup when a fire has damaged their property. Inhaling residue left by the fire can be hazardous. Our professionals use safety gear during the inspection and cleaning process.

We always try to salvage any items such as personal belongings and home furnishings remaining in your home. Many times, these items must be cleaned after they’re recovered. Unfortunately, some items may be damaged beyond repair. We recommend making a mental note or list of those items most important to you.

After a fire, there are often a number of safety issues you should keep in mind: structural damage that cannot be seen, toxic or dangerous fumes still lingering in the air, and other safety considerations. You should not enter right away. Leave that to our trained professionals.

The number of salvageable items completely depends on how severe and widespread the fire was. We’ll remove as many items as possible and return them to you.

Part of our process includes making a comprehensive inventory each time we find an item. This inventory includes details including what the item is, where the item was found, and what condition it’s in. If an item is beyond repair, we will let you know and provide information on its proper storage or disposal.

If there are any items of special significance, please let us know. We can make those items our top priority. Our team relies on you to let them know about these valuables.

It’s important you speak with your insurance company right away and understand their billing system. Depending on the insurance provider you use and your specific policy, there could be coverage details and restrictions you need to be aware of.

Each case is different. You’ll need to evaluate how the claim will affect your premiums before deciding to file. I